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a piece of me

Opulent gift items inspired by my creative discoveries and passions

the fragrance box in basic white

A couture home fragrance collection presented in a keepsake box

your fragrance box

Share your personal style with your own fragrance, your own image, your own collection

a piece of me

Beauty, hospitality and gracious living have always been important to me. With Apom Designs I hope to share my life's joys through an evolving collection of one-of-a-kind designs to give or make your own. 

seeing beyond

As a mother, hostess and volunteer, and now as a professional event planner and creative consultant, I've always enjoyed exceeding expectations.  Apom Designs intends to do the same; to offer something never seen before with thoughtful attention to every detail.

making the world our own

My home is filled with artistic expression - a combination of others' creative genius and my own eye for design and curation. Personalization and special editions are an essential component of Apom Designs and I include the opportunity for you to add your unique touch to my products wherever I can. 

in every sense possible

Rooms should be filled heart and soul - with music, fine art, books, scents, textures and of course, good taste. Let's create a luxuriously satisfying home together.

the apom fragrance box in basic white

The Apom Fragrance Box in Basic White is my own fragrance collection exquisitely presented in a custom-made lucite box that can be repurposed for limitless uses in your home.

the star attraction: our signature scent

A fresh and surprising blend of floral and citrus, our signature Apom Fragrance elicits memories of special moments in special places with special people.

the collection inside each box

- Apom Fragrance Room Spray

- Apom Fragrance Candle 

- White-tipped Wooden Matches

- A real, preserved Sachet Rose infused with Apom Fragrance


your personalized fragrance box

Corporate gift? Wedding? Boutique hotel looking for a fresh branding angle?

there are so many ways to make our fragrance box your own

- Blend your own signature scent

- Use your own image on the box's cover

- Choose which elements you'd like inside

- Add a personal message

or go outside the box

Perhaps you'd like just a custom blended private label candle. Or an order of our incredible infused flowers. Or perhaps you'd like to talk with us about a vision all your own. Wonderful. I love change, collaboration and creative challenges!

We're summering in Aspen!

Georgia Brown Home

505 East Hyman Avenue

Aspen, Colorado 81611

Available Summer 2018

Our Fragrance Boxes featuring Georgia Brown's exclusive scent, Raleigh No.8

contact me

If you're ready to discuss pricing, customization or how to place an order, simply email me at donna@apomdesigns.com.

And to all who've visited this site, I welcome your ideas and interest. 


Donna Parker